The Importance of Eating Healthy

An easy way to improve our health is by eating health foods. A person normally eats 3 times a day with some snack times. However, not everyone eat health foods like vegetables or fruits. Many people just eat any food for fill their stomach and relieve the hunger. So maybe you now understand why there are a lot of obese people throughout our city.

It's important for us to pay attention to foods we eat due to there are many cancer patients in developed countries. Many cases were triggered by stress, wrong lifestyle and unhealthy eating patterns. Many office workers who prefer to eat instant / fast food because it promises less time in cooking and is easily stored and carried.

In fact, healthy foods aren't always expensive. Not all of them need to be bought by hundred dollars; you even can find them in your kitchen or garden. By starting to pick the right food, you can make a healthy body and better lifestyle. These are some healthy foods that we often encounter in our daily lives, such as:

Milk is low fat but high in calcium and protein. Some research also shows milk helps strengthen bones, as a source of vitamin D (which plays a role in lowering risk of diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure), strengthen and build muscle.

Eggs are also great source of high quality protein. They contain zeaxanthin, lutein and antioxidants but eating less yolk if you suffer from high cholesterol.

Fish like salmon, tuna are good examples of health foods. They contain omega-3 fatty acids that helps lower a chance of risk of heart attacks.

Green tea is favorite drink for those who want to lose weight. It can help increase metabolic rate and insulin tolerance. It also known for it's epigallocatechin gallate and antioxidant that able to prevent prostate, breast and lung cancer.

Beans are also important foods as your daily diet, because it high in fiber and protein. It can also help control your blood sugar levels. But don't forget about lemon, it's great to boosts our body immune system.

You also need to avoid unhealthy foods, such as fermented, salted and pickled foods. They all can bring bad status to your body. Cancers, obesity and high blood pressure are some examples. Alcohol also can harm your liver. Junk foods like burger and fried foods can lead to obesity. Low intake of fruits and vegetables will also worsen the health of your body.